Access Apps

Clover Dashboard enables merchants to track sales and manage their business from anywhere with their mobile device by extending Clover’s benefits. To open or close the left navigation bar, click Menu. You can access all the Web Dashboard apps from here. Additionally, to Web Dashboard apps, the App Market is accessible from More Tools on the Web Dashboard. You can also view your service plan, installed apps, and billing information.


Access Clover Apps From The Web Dashboard

You can access the following Clover Web Dashboard apps:

Customer Engagement apps:

  • Customers

It provides information about customers, their transactions, and their marketing preferences. Customers can place orders by phone using this application.

  • Responses

You make it easy for customers to provide feedback by providing them with the information they need.

  • Promos

Customer retention and marketing are made easy with it. You can print promo coupons on payment receipts or post them on Twitter and Facebook so that customers can redeem them later.

  • Rewards

In minutes, it creates a free customer loyalty program. It keeps track of everything, so you don’t have to.


Shift reports are available to managers and administrators. Employees are allowed to clock in and out according to their preferences. Employees can view their card, cash sale, and tip totals, as well as the time they worked for each shift.



It shows current and past card transactions. You can quickly print receipts or refund transactions. Searching for a specific payment, or scanning the barcode on the receipt, can be done. All payments can be viewed by device, employee, or tender.

Wireless Manager

Clover devices that are equipped with 3G or 4G LTE are reported 3G and 4G usage data. When other connections fail, you can use them either as the primary network connection or as a backup connection.

Account & Setup

Configures your Clover system to meet your specific business needs. Provides the tax rate and amount for additional charges. You can also change default settings for orders, accepting payments, and printing receipts here. You can give Clover devices and printers names. Reporting times for item sales and refunds can be controlled, and reporting for items that have been removed.